Achievements and Events

# Public Notice Subject
1 P/42/2020 Turant Customs-Turant Suvidha kendra and other intiatives for contactless Customs-Reg
2 38/2020 Discontinuation of Documents Management System (DMS) commissioned at Noida Customs Commissionerate vide Facility Notice No. 40/2016 dated 16.02.2016-regarding
3 T/02/2020 Paperless Customs – Electronic Communication of PDF based Gate-pass and OOC
4 32/2020 Turant Customs- Turant Suvidha Kendra and other Initiatives for Contactless Customs
5 31/2020 Streamlining of process in System related to Bonds and first check BEs.
6 30/2020 Customs working on 24×7 extension of working of assessment groups,sheds etc.
7 29/2020 Facilitation of CLearance of import cargo due to delay arising due to outbreak of Corona Virus.
8 28/2020 Measure to facilitate trade during the Lock down period.
9 27/2020 Facilitation of CLearance of import cargo due to delay arising due to outbreak of Corona Virus.
10 26/2020 Request to importers to clear consignment and take delivery without delay.
11 P/25/2020 Guidelines for conduct of personal hearing in virtual mode under Customs Act, 1962.
12 P/24/2020 Waiver of demurrage charges levied by ICDs/CFS/Ports/Terminals Operating during Lockdown.
13 P/23/2020 Special Refund and Drawback disposal Drive
14 P/22/2020 Measure to facilitate trade during the Lock down period.
15 P/21/2020 Facilitation of Clearance of import Cargo due to delay arising due to outbreak of Corona virus
16 P/20/2020 Paperless Customs- Electronic Communication of PDF Based Gate Pass and OOC Copy of Bill of Entry to Customs Brokers/Importers
17 P/19/2020 Clearance of goods from ports falling under the jurisdiction of Noida Customs Commissionerate to SEZ.
18 P/18/2020 Recovery of refund on export of goods where export proceeds are not realised within the time prescribed under FEMA
19 P/17/2020 Facilitation of Clearance of Import Cargo due to delay arising due to outbreak of Corona Virus
20 P/16/2020 Manner of Submission and disposal of request for amendment and Waiver of Late Fee charges In Bill of Entry through E Mail
21 P/15/2020 Facilitation of Clearance of Import Cargo due to delay arising due to outbreak of Corona Virus
22 P/14/2020 Direct payment of Terminal handling Charges(THC) to Terminal Operator
23 P/13/2020 Implementation of automated clearance on All India Basis
24 P/12/2020 License to M/s Holitech India Pvt. Ltd. for manufacture/other operation at bonded Warehouse
25 P/11/2020 Customs Clearance on 24×7 extension of working of assessment groups, sheds etc.
26 P/10/2020 Facilitation of Clearance of import container due to delay in receiving of documents from China
27 P/09/2020 Sharing of load port images of consignment of Metal Scrap and Waste Paper at the time of examination
28 P/08/2020 License to M/s KHY Electronic India Private Limited to manufacture/other operation at Bonded Warehouse
29 P/07/2020 License to M/s Khvatec India Private Limited for manufacture/other operation in Bonded Ware house
30 P/06/2020 License to M/s Chenyang Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. for manufacturing/other operation in Bonded Warehouse
31 P/05/2020 License for Public Bonded Warehouse to M/s Indospirit Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
32 P/04/2020 Designation of CPIO/Appellate Authority in the jurisdiction of Noida Customs under RTI Act, 2005
33 P/03/2020 De-notification of Customs Area at ICD, Saharanpur
34 P/02/2020 Renewal of approval for appointment of Star Track Terminals Pvt Ltd as CCSP
35 T/01/2020 Levy and Collection of SWS

Implementation of e-payment of refund/rebate:-

For promoting ease of doing business this Commissionerate has been granting refund of various types of duties to the claimants by transferring the amount of refund claim directly to the assessee Bank Account by RTGS through our nodal branch of PNB, with effect from 02.03.2016.

A trade notice no. 04/2016 dated 02.03.2016 was also issued keeping in view the instruction contained in circular no. 1013/01/2016-CX dated 12.01.2016 of CBEC issued from F.No.201/05/2014-CX-6.

The present system of electronic payment of refund amount through RTGS facility has reduced the transaction time considerably, and minimized public interference and thus contributing to promoting ease of doing business.

CPGRAM (Central Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System):-

To facilitate the trade with a view to redress their Grievances speedily CPGRAMS, a web based procedure to register and to redress the grievances filed by Citizens online is functional at the Board level where grievances lodged by citizens are received by the Nodal Officer (Commissioner Co-ordination) and then forwarded electronically to the concerned filed formation, i. e. the concerned Commissionerate. The grievances received in CPGRAMS portal are taken up and redressed timely as per timeline fixed by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Ministry of personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions. The redressal is monitored by the Board of quality and timely redressal. All the grievances pertaining to this Commissionerate are redressed within the prescribed time limit.

Implementation of e-procurement:-

With a view to improve the procurement process the end- to -end E- procurement with estimated tender value of Rs. 2 lakh or more, has been implemented on 20.05.2016 in this Commissionerate and Smt. Shalini Sharma (Deputy Commissioner) appointed as a Nodal Officer.

Endoscopy machine: –

As an innovative approach an Endoscopy machine has been purchased and the shed Officers of various CFS in the Commissionerate have been trained to use this of the Endoscopy Machine to go in a deeper level of examination of goods kept inside the containers.

Appointment of Transparency Officer:-

For the purpose of implementation of the obligations as set out in Section 4 of the RTI Act, 2005 the Commission has given direction to all the Public Authorities to designate one of their senior officers as Transparency Officer. The main function of the Transparency Officer may be summarized as to promote institutional transparency within the public authority through proactive and effective implementation of the provisions of section 4 of the RTI Act, 2005. These include effective record management, digitization of records, networking and incremental proactive discloser. At the same time to ensure high priority and quality on disposing off the RTI applications. Accordingly, Shri Tribhuvan Yadav (Assistant Commissioner) has been appointed as Transparency Officer for Central Information Commission.

Documents Management Systems:-

As a trade facilitation measure and a step towards “Green Customs” implementation of Documents Management System (DMS) has been introduced at ICD Dadri and Loni Noida Customs Commissionerate.

With introduction of DMS, has been installed and operated by M/s Newgen Software Technology Ltd. (Newgen), Customs documents viz., the dockets of Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills and connected documents will be stored both in digital as well as physical/hard copy form. This initiative has been taken in consultation with CBs Associations, and other trade representatives. A contract in this regard has been signed with M/s Newgen Software Technology Ltd., Delhi on 14.12.2016 for an initial period of 3 years. All the Customs documents in the location viz., Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills and connected documents generated on or after 22.12.2016 are to be scanned by M/s Newgen for an initial period of three years or until further orders.