SL.No Name of Licencee Name of Product to be manufactured Address Warehouse Code Date of issue of the License
1 M/s Lianchuang Electronics Pvt Ltd Mobile Displays B-15, Sector-85, Noida DER6R004 19.09.2019
2 M/s JLN Phenix Energy Pvt Ltd Lithuium Battery Plot No D-09, Sector-80, Phase-II, G.B. Nagar DER6R004 23.12.2019
3 M/s ZCJ Industrial Pvt Ltd Screws Plot No. 2c, Sector 31, Surajpur Site 4 Industrial Block H Rd, Block P Industrial Area, Greater Noida U.P. CPL6PR003 26.12.2019
4 M/s Holitech India Pvt Ltd Mobile Displays Plot No. B12C Ecotech-1, Greater Noida CPL6PR001 24.12.2019
5 M/s Holitech India Pvt Ltd Camera Module Plot NO. 67 Ectotech-1 extension-1, Greater Noida CPL6PR004 24.12.2019
6 M/s Holitech India Pvt Ltd Biometric Recognition Plot No. 82-83, Ectotech-1, Grerater Noida CPL6PR004 24.12.2019
7 M/s Le Mei Plastic Manufacturing Pvt Ltd Plastic Parts of mobile phones B-6, Ecotech-1, Extension Greater Noida STT6R002 09.01.2020
8 M/s Chenyang Electronics India Pvt Ltd Charger Plot No J-17, Sector-63, Noida CPL6R005 10.02.2020
9 M/s KHY Electronic India Pvt Ltd Electronic components C-39, Phase-II, Noida CPL6R006 11.02.2020
10 M/s KHVATEC India Pvt Ltd Mechanics of Mobile Phones A-3 Eco Tech VI, Surajpur Kasna Rd, Greater Noida U.P. STT6R001 10.02.2020
11 M/s Kunshan Qtech Microelectronics Mobile components 3L, Udyog Vihar, Eco Tech-II, Greater Noida STT6R004 26.08.2020
12 M/s Longli Technology India Pvt Ltd Mobile components Plot No A-164/A, Phase II, Noida APL6R002 10.08.2020
13 M/s Metec Electronics Pvt Ltd Speakers 61A, Udyog Vihar, Surajpur Kasna Road, Greater Noida DER6R007 11.01.2021
14 M/s Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd Bread & Buns 11A, Udyog Vihar, Greater Noida STT6R005 04.12.2020
15 M/s Iluminar Merchandising Pvt Ltd Batter & Power Bank H-10, Sector-63, Noida DER6R009 08.03.2021
16 M/s Samsung Display Noida Pvt Ltd Mobile components B1D, Sector-81, Noida DER6R005 29.10.2020
17 M/s Bright Westech Solutions Pvt Ltd Power Suplies C-23, Sector-85, Noida DER6R006 06.11.2020
18 M/s sunwoda Electronic India Pvt Ltd ESDM D-228, Opp Dainik Jagran, Sector-63, Noida DER6R008 16.02.2021
19 M/s JSP Electronics pvt Ltd Mobile Charger D-247/5A, Sector-63, Noida 201301 DER6R004 21.10.2020
20 M/s Padget Electronics Pvt Ltd Mobile &Set top box B-17-18, Phase-II, Noida-201305 DER6R010 08.03.2021
21 M/s Padget Electronics Pvt Ltd Mobile &Set top box A-23, Sector-60, Noida U.P. 201301 DER6R011 11.03.2021